Pairs PERFECTLY with our 112H, 112V or 112Mini Cabinet!

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Named after Chris’s Sister, the Missy is a POWERHOUSE TANK in a small package!! This ain’t no lunchbox! This is an AMMO CAN! It's JAMMED PACKED with features that YOU CAN USE!! We took a simple idea of building a smaller format “ammo can” around a real spring reverb tank. The result - the Missy!

Here's the specs in a nutshell:

• 60 Watt Class AB Tube Amplifier
• Clean Channel
• Dirt Channel
• Master Volume Boost
• Reverb (Short Tank)
• Effects Loop
• External Speaker Out (4, 8, or 16 Ohms)
• Footswitch - controls Dirt and Boost
• CARP™ (Corrosive Agent Resistant Paint) -The exact same used for military vehicles. You know… Tanks and Humvees…
• Weight: 30 Lbs
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Power: 60 Watts Tube
Output Tube Type: 6L6
Class: AB
Preamp Tube Type: 12AX7 (phase inverter 12AT7)
Dirt Channel: Gain, Volume (uses preamp of clean channel)
Clean Channel: Gain, Volume, Bass Depth, Mid, Treble Contour (vintage American Clean)
Master Volume: Yes
Volume Boost: 8db Boost
Master Reverb: Yes
Reverb Tank: Real Spring Reverb (Short Tank)
Effects Loop: Yes
Speaker Outs: 4, 8, and 16 Ohm
Power Cable: Detachable 12' IEC
Footswitch: Two button lighted switch. (Dirt, Boost)
Input: 120V AC power.
Fuse: 3.15 AMP Mains Fuse (Yes, there's supposed to be an "s" in Mains…. it's a technical thing, y'all….)


Chassis: Galvanized Steel – MADE IN USA
Hood: Powdercoated Galvanized Steel with CARP™ (Corrosive Agent Resistant Paint) -The exact same used for military vehicles. You know… Tanks and Humvees… MADE IN USA
Circuit Boards: MADE IN USA
Transformers: Our output transformers are 75 watt transformers to avoid saturation. You will appreciate the sound!

Weight: 30 Lbs
Dimensions: 18” Wide, 13” High, 11" Deep

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Cannon Grey
Ammo Can
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For Metal:


  • Missy will get the tightest and heaviest gain of any of our amps! Just dial the dirt up and go!
  • You need cleans too? She's got 'em!
  • The boost will help your solo cut through the mix!

For Blues:


  • This amp responds more like a Class A amp than a Class AB. It's got a quick attack. You may like that.
  • The Dirt channel is like a nice stompbox built beautifully into an amazing amp! Be careful though, you dial the dirt in too far and it will bite you!
  • The boost may be just what you need to cut through those louder solos!
  • Did I mention that it has a really nice round breakup? Because it does.

For Country:

Depends on what type of country you play….

  • Doesn't break up like our Francine, but has tons of headroom on this clean! LUSH CLEAN TONES!
  • The dirt probably gets a little too dirty for you. This is a two channel amp with a boost. If you like a sweet clean but want to get dirty….then you're good to go!

For Jazz:


  • We gave this amp PLENTY of clean headroom!
  • It's the smallest and most powerful head we build—you'll appreciate that at Jazz gigs!