Extension Cabinets

112H Extension Cabinet

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For the player that is looking for an extension cabinet the 112H is a great solution. The 112H is outfitted with a Celesti0n® Vintage 30™ speaker.

The 112H is a front ported cabinet design that produces open and spacious tones. It's perfect for the player who wants to maintain the combo feel and sound without sacrificing resonant vibrations from the speaker to the amplifier chassis.

212 Extension Cabinet

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The Jimmy 212 is a great solution for the player looking for that tighter bass twin speaker sound. We've mounted the speakers diagonally so that the speaker cabinet maintains it's dimension and fits perfectly under the Jimmy Head.

The 212 is loaded with Celesti0n® Vintage 30™ speakers.

The 212 produces a very rich bottom end. This is a perfect solution if you’re wanting to get fatter bottoms out of the Jimmy. This configuration really allows the metal tones of the Jimmy to show through!
The cabinet that you choose truly matters. The amp responds differently with each speaker and box configuration. If you want a more open sound for blues and rock - you may want the 112H. If you want the super tight bottom for metal - you may like the half stack. I use the combo for my versitile playlist (from Frank Sinatra to Guns N Roses). I have to say - recording with the half stack on Crazy Train was fun too!
Chris Mitchell